March 1, 2021


Boards use resolutions as defined in South Dakota Law 7-18A-1 to effect an action in response to a request or directive.  Over the course of a year, the board of county commissioners can pass and enact as little as one and up to an unlimited number of resolutions to memorialize their decisions, requests, orders or feelings.

7-18A-1. Definition of terms. Terms used in this chapter, unless the context plainly requires otherwise, shall mean:
(1) “Board,” a board of county commissioners;
(2) “Ordinance,” a permanent legislative act of a board of county commissioners passed within the limits of its powers;
(3) “Publish,” publication in the official county newspapers;
(4) “Resolution,” any determination, decision, or direction of a board of county commissioners of a special or temporary character, made for the purpose of initiating, effecting, or carrying out its administrative duties and functions.
Source: SL 1975, ch 82, § 1.
7-18A-7. Passage of resolutions–Record of votes–Publication in minutes. A resolution may be passed after one reading. It shall be recorded at length in the minutes of the meeting at which it is passed, with a statement of the number of votes for and against the same. It shall be published in full as part of the minutes of the board.
Source: SL 1975, ch 82, § 9.

This page is devoted to the publication of those resolutions for the purpose of statutory compliance, transparency and as means to access them quickly by anyone with interest.  Questions about content should be directed to the Hand County Auditor Doug DeBoer.

Resolutions in Hand County are numbered using the year and the order within the year of the adoption.  Resolution 2020-01 would be the first possible resolution in the year 2020.


Resolution 2021-02 adopted 02/02/2021 designating the contact person for South Dakota Wildland Fire

Resolution 2021-03 adopted

Resolution 2021-04 adopted

Resolution 2021-05 adopted 02/02/2021 designating the Family Crisis Center, Inc. as provider for victim services.


Resolution 2020-01 adopted 2/4/2020 to show support for the Family Crisis Center of Redfield, serving Hand County.

Resolution 2020-02 adopte 3/3/2020 to delete bridge 30-257-40 from the SD-DOT and National Bridge Inventory.

Resolution 2020-03 adopted 3/3/2020 to delete bridge 30-220-19 from the SD-DOT and National Bridge Inventory.

Resolution 2020-04 adopted 5/5/2020 to Authorize WEB Water Development Association, Inc. authority to work.

Resolution 2020-05 [Not assigned yet-place setter]


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