June 19, 2024

Register of Deeds

Suzy Wernsmann – Register of Deeds

Shaney Davis – Deputy

415 W. 1st Avenue
Miller, SD  57362
Phone: (605) 853-3512

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
*Noon Lunch Hour may vary. Excludes County Holiday Hours*

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Document Recording and Filing

The county Register of Deeds is responsible for recording all instruments authorized by law to be recorded. These include but are not limited to: real estate transactions (including deeds, mortgages and mortgage transfers), all liens (including federal and state tax liens, state unemployment tax liens, and county welfare liens), military discharge records, business name registrations, and survey plat certificates. The Register of Deeds is the official county record keeper.

The Register of Deeds only accepts original documents for recording. Photo copies are not accepted! Whiteout anywhere on the document is not accepted and will not be recorded and will be returned.

Fees: *Check or Cash only – cards not accepted*

$30.00 Document Recording Fee

$60.00 Plat Recording Fee


Document Searching/Copy Requests

**The Register of Deeds office takes no responsibility for searches. Searches are provided as convenience only. The official public records are available for your review.**

Copies of recorded documents regarding real estate transactions are not available online.

Researching recorded documents in office is available for public review and can be offered if requested.

Provided with a legal description and/or document book and page, copies can be requested from our office by phone and sent via mail or email.

Fees for all document copies are $1.00/per page.


Vital Records

The county Register of Deeds issues and/or files marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, & burial permits.

Fees: *Check or Cash only – cards not accepted*

Marriage License – $40.00

Certified Certificate (Birth, Death, Marriage) – $15.00

*If you choose to apply for the vital record documents through our county office, please make checks payable and mail your completed request to the Hand County Register of Deeds*

*More information about obtaining vital records in South Dakota can be inquired on by calling our office and/or on the web using the provided link below*


Drivers Licensing

Notice to Drivers License or Identification Card Applicants:

The Hand County Register of Deeds is a County Issue Drivers Licensing location. A valid paper temporary license is issued and your license will come in the mail within 4-8 weeks. If you need the hard card issued prior to this timing, you may want to go to a state drivers license office to apply. If you choose to apply at a state driver license office AFTER you have applied at a county issue office, be prepared to pay an additional $15.00 duplicate fee.  

Fees: *Check or Cash only – cards not accepted*

New/Renewal Drivers License: $28.00

Commercial License (CDL) Renewal: $33.00

Duplicate License/CDL: $15.00 

*Fees may vary with prorated or additional clearance fees.* 

Federal Regulations require anyone applying for a renewal or duplicate drivers license to provide two physical residential address documents.

Federal Regulations require anyone applying for a new South Dakota drivers license/identification card to provide the documents listed below:

  • One Identity Document (certified birth certificate/passport)
    • Note (If Applicable): Marriage Certificate is required as an additional identity document for proof of legal name change
  • One Document to prove Social Security number (Social Security Card/W-2 Form)
  • Two Documents proving physical residential address (Post Office Box users require at least one physical address document)

     *Original Documents only! Photo Copies cannot be accepted!*

     *Due to being a county issue location, we are unable to issue new/state transfer commercial drivers licenses (CDL). You will need to visit a state drivers license office.*

*More information about obtaining or renewing a South Dakota Drivers License can be inquired on by calling our office and/or on the web using the provided link(s) below*



South Dakota Drivers Licensing – https://dps.sd.gov/driver-licensing

SD Drivers License Required Documents – https://dps.sd.gov/driver-licensing/required-documents

SD Department of Health – https://doh.sd.gov/records/

SD Secretary of State – https://sdsos.gov/

State of South Dakota – http://sd.gov/

SD Legislature – SD Codified Laws – https://sdlegislature.gov/Statutes/Codified_Laws