May 30, 2024


The primary mission of asset management in Hand County is to ensure that items purchased by the county not only meets the requires of South Dakota Codified Law but also the expectations of the residents of Hand County.

The elected officials, appointed department heads and all of the employees are charged by law and common sense to manage and maintain the assets (property) of the county in the most respectable and responsible manner possible.

In the absence of a person formally named and appointed as the asset manager, the duty defaults to the county auditor and each department head or elected official.  In partnership with each other the management of county assets can be achieved.

On this page the community and the staff will find resources needed to understand and administer the management of assets.




  • South Dakota Law 6-13-4 allows for the sale of surplus property with an appraised value of $500 or  less to be sold by the governing board at a private or public sale without notice.
  • Such property, when available, will appear here.
  • The terms of the purchase are:  Cash day of purchase.  Buyer is solely responsible for removing the property from the location  of the sale.  Items left on site past 10 working days will be re-advertised for sale.  No refunds shall be given.  Items which do not sell within two weeks may be disposed of by:  Donation (transfer) to another governmental agency or by destruction or being discarded.