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If you are a current employee of Hand County, you may find this information helpful during your time with us.  The forms here are for your benefit and serve a reference for you.  Should you find something in error or believe something is missing, please contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 605.853.2182.


The auditor’s does not provide any counseling on this product.  Employees with questions should contact the agent directly.

AFLAC products are available through the insurance division of the Quoin Financial Bank located in Miller.

Alison Kilker is the representative for Hand County employees.

Contact Information:

Quoin Financial Bank /  Quoin Insurance Agency

  • 605-853-2473 – Miller Branch Mainline
  • 877-846-3122 – Toll-free
  • 605-853-2884 – Fax line
  • 201 North Broadway Avenue, PO Box 199, Miller, South Dakota 57362-0199
  • [email protected]

Employee / Member Access Portal:  https://mylogin.aflac.com/

Member claim form page:  File a Claim | Aflac

2021 Information:

2022 Information

  • No changes


The auditor’s does not provide any counseling on this product.  Employees with questions should contact the agent directly.

The county provides full-time employees the opportunity to have health insurance provided to them at no charge (presently).  Permanent part-time employees who work 25 hours or more may also be eligible for health insurance on a shared basis.

Family coverage is available, but the additional premium is paid by the employee.

Agency Contacts:

Plan administrator:  Mike LeBrun & Jesse Tolsma DICE Financial Services of Mitchell.

Contact:  [email protected] or [email protected] or call 800-658-3603

Hand County Specific / Renewal Effective September 1, 2023

Avera Health Plan (links to the Avera Health Plans home page)

Hand County Specific / Renewal Effective September 1, 2022

Avera Health Plan (links to the Avera Health Plans home page)

Avera Plan Summary and costs for Hand County’s 2021-2022 Contract

  • Expires on August 31, 2023

Avera’s “Health Coverage with Connections” – As a member of Avera Health, you are….

Avera’s “Covered Preventive Services” – Preventive services provided at no cost to the employee.

Avera’s “Free* 24/7 Urgent Care Virtual Visits” – Consult with professionals via the AveraNow app.

Avera Plan Summary and costs for Hand County’s 2022→2023 contract.

  1. Plan 1: $1,000 (D), 60/40 (CP), $3,500 (OOP).
  2. Plan 2: $2,000 (D), 70/30 (CP), $4,500 (OOP).
  3. Plan 3:  $4,500 (D), 0/0 (CP), $4,500 (OOP).
    1. Health Savings Account (HSA)
    2. County Contributes the difference between Plan 1 premium and Plan 3 premium to the employee’s HSA account with each payroll cycle.  The 2022→2023 will be $213.40 / month or $2,560.80 annually.  The employee can add, through payroll deduction, the remaining amount to reach the individual maximum of $3,650. In this case, the employee would contribute $1,090 (OOP).  Plans 1 and 2 do not have such an offset.
    3. Compliance Overview – Key Features 2023 Compliance on HSAs

Avera Renewal Agreement and Plan Summaries (All three on one page)

Detailed “Summary of Benefits and Coverage: What this plan(s) covers & what you pay for covered services”:

  1. Plan 1 – $1,000 Deductible Plan
  2. Plan 2 – $2,000 Deductible Plan
  3. Plan 3 – HSA Plan

Avera Employee Assistance Program (Included Free Feature)

Avera Employee Assistance Program (Virtual Visit) (Included Free Feature)

Avera “Who Can I Ask?” (Contact information for varied services)

Plan Menu for 2021-2022  (if not participating, complete the waiver)

Avera Health Plans Enrollment Application (directs you to the Avera website as of 08-09-21)

  • When completed, return this form to the Auditor’s Office for processing.

Avera’s “Careflight Membership” Voluntary membership costs $49 and covers Careflight expenses should they occur.


(Injury / Illness / Dental / Vision / Life)

The auditor’s does not provide any counseling on this product.  Employees with questions should contact the agent directly.

  • Available 01.01.2023
  • Agent Contact Information:
    • Steven Melnick – Account Executive – Independent Agent
    • 308-379-6980
  • [email protected]

Policyholder Portal:  Policyholder Support | Colonial Life

  • Eligibility Class: “All employees in active employment working at least 20 hours per week.”
    • See complete definitions in the following policy downloads.
    • Group Term Life Insurance Policy (G0069034) up to $200,000 available to employees at their cost.
    • Group Term Life Insurance Policy (G0069035) $10,000 for $2 per month provided by employer.
  • Forms:  You should contact the agent for any forms or use the policyholder online portal to access forms.



The auditor’s does not provide any counseling on this product.  Employees with questions should contact the SDRS directly.

222 East Capital Avenue, Suite 8, PO Box 1098,
Pierre, SD 57501

1-888-605-SDRS (toll-free)
605-773-3731 (local)
[email protected] (email)

[Available to only to employees who are approved by the commission to work 1250 hours or more in a year.]

New to the South Dakota Retirement System?  Click this link to learn the basics.

Looking for information the South Dakota Retirement System Supplemental Retirement Plan, skip to page 17 on the link above or re-click this link.

Please read this linked document from May 2021 that details eligibility rules:

Please follow this link to the SDRS revised forms page which were put into effect on July 1, 2021.  This page has all the forms the employer or employee would need.  New online E-1 enrollment form.  Print a copy before sending.

SDRS does not allow address changes via phone, email, or website contacts. All members must complete an E-2 for address changes.

South Dakota Retirement System—Authorized Agent Manual (90 pages, PDF)


The auditor’s does not provide any counseling on this product.  Employees with questions should contact the agent directly.

Providing Dental, Vision, group life and accidental death / dismemberment coverage.

Beginning on October 1, 2022 the Dental Plan(s), the Vision plan(s), and the Group Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance will all be a product purchased from The Standard Insurance Company.  The prior plans with VSP, Delta Dental and Companion Life will be terminated.  Employees will need to be absolutely familiar with the transition and submit their paperwork before the deadlines to avoid a lapse in coverage(s).

The auditor’s office will no longer provide benefit counseling for employees.  Dice Financial Services will field all benefit queries directly.

  • 800-996-7171 – Toll Free
  • 605-996-7171 – Direct
  • 605-996-1781 – Fax line
  • [email protected] – General Email
  • 1716 N. Sanborn Boulevard, PO Box 790, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301-0790


Basic Information:

  • Policy Number:  761549
  • Billing Division: 0001
  • Effective Date: 10/01/2022
  • Basic Life value:  $25,000.  Premium is $8.50 per month.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment value: $25,000.  Premium is $0.70 per month.


All newly hired full and part-time employees must complete the following forms:

The employee must complete the Yellow highlighted areas.  Ignore the Red highlighted areas.  The auditor’s staff will complete the Green areas.  All forms are to be given to the department head who will return them to the auditor’s office for filing.

  1. USCIS Form I-9 “Employment Eligibility Verification” as required by the Department of Homeland Security.
    1. Requires forms of identification to be scanned in color or very clearly printed.
  2. IRS Form W-4 “Employee’s Withholding Certificate” as required by the Department of the Treasury.
  3. Direct Deposit Authorization Form as required by county policy.
  4. A photocopy of the Oath of Office (when required).
  5. A photocopy of the Certificate of Appointment (when required).
  6. Employees will have to request, pay for and provide an official copy of their driver’s license history for each state they were licensed to drive in.  South Dakota’s form is found here:  SOUTH DAKOTA DMV.  Other states may require an online search to locate the request form or portal.
  7. Employees will also have to provide a copy of their proof of insurance.  This is need in case they operate a vehicle for work purposes but have an incident outside of employment standards, practices or in violation of the law.
  8. All employees working in public safety, emergency response, or as a department head, must complete the Incident Command Systems training (as required by county adoption of NIMS) outlined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency / Emergency Management Institute (FEMA/EMI).  The ICS Resource Center URL is: ICS Resource Center (fema.gov).
    1. Employees must complete the ICS-100, ICS-200, IS-700 and IS-800 courses within the probationary period.
    2. If an employee has previously taken the courses but can not locate the certificate, please click here.

2018-2019 South Dakota Labor and Employment Laws (PDF)
2019 First Report Of Injury (SD EForm 1830 V2 / Form Fill PDF) & Medical Release Form
Weather Emergencies / Outdoor Warning Sirens (From Pennington County)
Sign up for South Dakota Amber Alerts
Sign up for South Dakota Missing / Blue Alerts
South Dakota Statewide Wage and Benefit Survey for 2019 (Compiled by NECOG)



SDML-Work Comp & other Forms Website / Page

First Report of Injury Forms:

Other SDML offerings:

Hand County Payroll Deduction List for 2020

Annual / Vacation Leave, Sick Leave and Funeral Leave form.

Payroll Links:

Wage & Salary Report

South Dakota New Hire Reporting Page

Longevity Schedule

Meals & Mileage for trips out of county    (Amended 09/06/2022)

Separation from Employment with Hand County:
Uniform Resignation from Employment Form

Property Management:

South Dakota “Bid Booklet” for making purchases within the boundaries of state law.

How to file a claim with the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance (SDPPA), our coverage provider.


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