August 9, 2022


If you are a current employee of Hand County, you may find this information helpful during your time with us.  The forms here are for your benefit and serve a reference for you.  Should you find something in error or believe something is missing, please contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 605.853.2182.


Employee / Member Access Portal:

2021 Information:


(Hand County Specific / Effective September 1, 2021)

Health care insurance is available to all full time employees who are eligible.  Some part time employees are also eligible but will be furnished on a cost-shared basis.  The employee handbook will define the percentages.

If an employee chooses to add their children or spouse, the extra expense is borne solely on the employee.

Plan administrator:  Mike LeBrun DICE Financial Services of Mitchell.

Contact:  [email protected] or call 800-658-3603

Avera Health Plan (links to the Avera Health Plans home page)

Avera Careflight (air ambulance) Membership (links to the Avera website & is available to anyone)

Avera Plan Summary and costs for Hand County’s 2021-2022 Contract

Avera Renewal Agreement and Plan Summaries

Plan Menu for 2021-2022  (if not participating, complete the waiver)

Avera Health Plans Enrollment Application (directs you to the Avera website as of 08-09-21)

  • When completed, return this form to the Auditor’s Office for processing.

Avera Wellness Benefit information:

  • LiveNOW” (Group-Specific well-being portal, Health risk assessment, On-site / Virtual Screenings, Health Coaching)

COMPANION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY – Death & Dismemberment Insurance

  • Employer provided to eligible* employees:
    • 18-65: $4.19 for $15,000
    • 65-69: $2.73 for $9,750
    • 70-74: $2.09 for $3,750
    • 75-xx: $1.05 for $1,750
      • *Eligibility starts for those working an average of 30 hours or more per week.
  • 2022 Companion Life Policy Declaration
  • Companion Life Web Portal for members:
    • Click on the “Online Tools” Tab to create or access your login.


Renewal information for 2022: (Effective January 2022)

Dental insurance is provided to qualified employees on a cost shared basis.  In 2021 the ratios are:

  • Single / Employee only:                                                               $17.70 / $17.70 or $35.40
  • 2-Party / Employee and one-other:                                           $33.86 / 33.86 or $67.72
  • Family / Employee and all others:                                             $53.15 / $53.15 or $106.30

2021 Data received on August 3, 2020

Delta Dental Employee Handbook

Delta Dental Cover letter and Summary pages

South Dakota Retirement System 

222 East Capital Avenue, Suite 8, PO Box 1098,
Pierre, SD 57501

1-888-605-SDRS (toll-free)
605-773-3731 (local)
[email protected] (email)

[Available to only to employee who work 1250 or more in a year.]

Please read this linked document from May 2021 that details eligibility rules:

Please follow this link to the SDRS revised forms page which were put into effect on July 1, 2021.  This page has all the forms the employer or employee would need.

SDRS does not allow address changes via phone, email, or website contacts. All members must complete an E-2 for address changes.

South Dakota Retirement System—Authorized Agent Manual (90 pages, PDF)

VSP / Vision Service Plan

  • Currently available to qualified employees on a cost shared basis, including signal and family plans.
  • VSP member website:
  • Vision Care Associates (VCA) web portal: 
  • Direct Link to VCA  “Medical History Form”:
    • 2021 Member Rates:
      • Member Only: $13.43 employee & $13.43 employer.  Total costs: $28.88
      • Member + 1: $28.88 employee & $28.87 employer.  Total costs: $57.75
      • Member + children: $28.88 employee & $28.87 employer.  Total costs: $57.75
      • Member + Family: $28.88 employee & $28.87 employer.  Total costs: $57.75

New Employee Forms to be completed and turned into the Auditor’s Office:

Emergency Management Institutes ICS courses transcript request form.

2018-2019 South Dakota Labor and Employment Laws (PDF)
2019 First Report Of Injury (SD EForm 1830 V2 / Form Fill PDF) & Medical Release Form
Weather Emergencies / Outdoor Warning Sirens (From Pennington County)
Sign up for South Dakota Amber Alerts
Sign up for South Dakota Missing / Blue Alerts
South Dakota Statewide Wage and Benefit Survey for 2019 (Compiled by NECOG)

Employee Benefits:

SDML-Work Comp & other Forms Website / Page

Hand County Payroll Deduction List for 2020

Annual / Vacation Leave, Sick Leave and Funeral Leave form.

Payroll Links:

Wage & Salary Report

South Dakota New Hire Reporting Page

Longevity Schedule

Meals for trips out of county

Separation from Employment with Hand County:
Uniform Resignation from Employment Form

Property Management:

South Dakota “Bid Booklet” for making purchases within the boundaries of state law.

How to file a claim with the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance (SDPPA), our coverage provider.


October 5, 2021: