November 28, 2023


Hand County Assessor

Hand County Assessor’s Office
Zoning Administrator
The county Director of Equalization is responsible for confirming that all property in the county is accounted for on the tax list. They are also responsible to guarantee these properties are all assessed in an equal and uniform manner. Only when the assessments of the property are fair and equal can the tax burden be distributed fair and equal.
                                                      Jaime Russell – Director of Equalization, Zoning Administrator
                                                                                       Nicole Graham – Clerk
                                                                         415 West 1st Avenue, Suite 204
                                                                             Miller, South Dakota 57362
                                                              We no longer have a fax machine please email or call
Office emails:  (Jaime) [email protected] or (Nicole) [email protected]
                                                                                Notary available Jaime L. Russell

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