March 1, 2021


Hand County is an “Equal Opportunity Employer“.  All positions in the county require at least two weeks of publication in the official newspaper, The Miller Press.  Positions may also be listed on the South Dakota Department of Labor website.

Hand County Employment Notice on D.O.L.

Hand County reserves the right to re-advertise without notice to current applicants in order to broaden the applicant pool.

Hand County observes the federal minimum wage and the higher South Dakota Minimum Wage (Click here to download).

January 6, 2020 (Seeking Full-time Rubble Site Manager)

Hand County will be accepting applications for the full-time hourly position of “rubble site manager”.  This position provides health insurance, retirement, paid vacations, longevity pay and other options.  To learn more, contact the Hand County Auditor’s Office at 605-853-2182 or email [email protected] or stop by during business hours.

This position will appear in the Miller Press for at least two publications.  A closing date has not yet been set.

A cursory explanation of job expectations can be found by clicking this sentence.

Hand County Employment Application (PDF for Downloading and Printing)

Hand County Employment Application (MS-Word for direct input and printing)

Completed applications are due back to the Auditor’s Office by 4 p.m. on January 28th, 2021.

This position is currently in the interview stage.  Next possible action will occur on March 2, 2021.