February 5, 2023


Hand County is an “Equal Opportunity Employer“.  All positions in the county require at least two weeks of publication in the official newspaper, The Miller Press.  Positions may also be listed on the South Dakota Department of Labor website.

Hand County Employment Notice on D.O.L.

Hand County reserves the right to re-advertise without notice to current applicants in order to broaden the applicant pool.

Hand County observes the federal minimum wage and the higher South Dakota Minimum Wage (Click here to download).


Applications can also be obtained at the Auditor’s Office in the Courthouse and by contacting the Office or Department seeking applicants.

Application for Part-Time or Seasonal Employment

Application for Full-Time (non-law enforcement) Employment


Posted 11/15/2022

Hand County is accepting applications for the position of clerk in the auditor’s office.  This position will also be assigned to work with the Hand County Highway Department on a shared basis under the direction of the auditor’s office.  This will be a full-time position with our normal benefit offering.  Some benefits are offered at the county’s expense and others are voluntary and paid by the employee.

The position does require a valid driver’s license and for the person to not have “high risk” insurance of their own.

Interested applicants can complete the application above and submit it with a color photocopy of their driver’s license and proof of insurance.

The closing date for this position has yet to be announced.  Residency is required for this position.

Contact Auditor Doug DeBoer at 605-853-2182 for additional details.

Posted 10/01/22

Updated 11/15/2022

Hand County is accepting applications for the position of highway maintenance worker. This is a full-time position which includes benefits, some provided and some voluntary. The position requires a class A commercial driver’s license or the ability to obtain the license within six months. More detailed information can be found by clicking the link below.  This position will remain open until November 1, 2022 (Extended to December 1, 2022). Interviews will be schedule thereafter. The successful candidate, if one is found, will be notified of the start date.

This position must be advertised in THE MILLER PRESS for two publications before it can be filled.  Those dates are October 8th and October 15th.  The position was re-run in the Miller Press on November 5th and will run until both positions are filled.

Posted 03/17/22.

Initial Due Date:  April 1, 2022.  If unfilled thereafter, the positions will be “open until filled”.

HELP WANTED:  The Hand County Weed and Pest Board is seeking individuals to fill up-to two summer-seasonal positions.  Primary duties are to locate and spray noxious weeds as assigned and perform light mechanical work.  Applicants must have a valid driver’s license, not be on high risk (SR22) insurance and not have a history of serious driving offenses.  Work is performed outdoors in all types of weather and does require lifting up to 50 pounds without assistance.  Applicant may be asked to show proficiency in operating pickups with trailers, utility vehicles, four-wheelers and light mechanical equipment and tools.  To apply, please contact Supervisor Randy Peck by calling 605-204-0295.  Position is open through April 1, 2022 and then transitions to “open until filled”.

Updated 11/15/2022.

Each spring the Hand County Weed & Pest board advertises for season help the Weed & Pest Supervisor implement the plans of the board to control noxious weeds.  The announcement above will remain posted as applicants may submit their applications for seasonal employment in advance of the advertisement and be placed on a list of potential workers. 

If you would like to learn more about this position and what you, as an applicant, can do to improve your hire ability, please contact Randy Peck on his cell phone at 605-204-0295 during business hours.