November 28, 2023

Local Emergency Planning Committee ~ L.E.P.C.

c/o: Hand County Emergency Management
Arlen Gortmaker – Director
415 West 1st Avenue, Suite 108
Miller, South Dakota 57362
605-204-0267 (Emergency Management)
[email protected]
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Attention: The SARA Tier II forms are due in January!  Please submit your reports in a timely manner!
State of South Dakota L.E.P.C. webpage:
Federal Statutes on “Community Right to Know”: EPCRA – LEPC Federal Statutes (downloads a PDF file).


  • to collect and maintain information on hazardous materials�being used in or passing through the county;

  • to analyze associated risks and vulnerabilities,�and develop an effective emergency plan;

  • to make planning information readily available to�responders and the general public; and,

  • to provide a continuing forum for the local community�to discuss hazardous materials issues.




  • “size the problem” associated with hazardous chemicals�located in and moving through the county;

  • assess baseline capabilities in terms of available�HazMat training and resources;

  • evaluate the effectiveness of emergency response�plans with respect to hazardous materials; and

  • promote chemical safety on the job,�in the classroom and at home.





The LEPC should include, at a minimum, representatives from the following groups or organizations:

  • public officials
  • facility owners and operators
  • environmental groups
  • hospitals
  • transportation personnel
  • emergency medical
  • broadcast and print media
  • fire service
  • community groups
  • health
  • law enforcement
  • emergency management


LEPC membership should be representative of the community and include those who will use the emergency plan referred to under the Duties and Responsibilities section of this handbook. The plan is more likely to be successful and credible if the people who implement it during disasters, emergencies, or exercises were part of the planning process. Those not involved in emergency response should also be part of the planning process because they add a different perspective and bring new ideas to the process. They are likely to ask the simple questions that need to be asked.


In some cases one person could represent more than one group. Because state emergency response commissions (SERCs) review the affiliations of nominees to the LEPC to assure legal requirements for membership are met, some LEPCs have nominated representatives by job titles, rather than individual names. This helps to assure continuity of LEPC membership and makes the appointment of replacement members easier.



LEPC officers should consist of a chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary. A treasurer or others would be optional. Important factors to consider in choosing officers are leadership abilities, availability, credibility, management skills, and commitment to the LEPC process.

 Hand County L.E.P.C  


2020 Officers

Jon Dunlap – Chairman

Doug DeBoer – Vice Chairman & Public Information Officer

Arlen Gortmaker – Secretary & Emergency Manager

2017 Officers:

Tom Lichty –  Chairman

Doug DeBoer – Vice Chairman/Public Information Officer

Alex Roeber –  Secretary / Emergency Manager


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2017 Hazardous Materials Plan Adopted

On August 8th the Hand County LEPC adopted the 2017 Hazardous Materials Plan. The local emergency plan is designed to provide hazard specific procedures and guidelines for response to an actual incident involving a hazardous material.  This plan will also assist the Hand County LEPC in complying with existing State and Federal legislation.

A copy of the plan can be found here: Hand County 2017 Hazardous Materials Plan


Hand County is on FACEBOOK.  Simply search for “Hand County” once you log in.

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Hand County Spill Database – This is the database for all spills reported to DENR.  Open the drop down menu for “County” and scroll down to “Hand” and click.  After that click “Submit” and this will show the spills reported in Hand County with a map that shows the reports from this year.

Agendas, Minutes and Announcements:

2013-08 LEPC Minutes

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2019-12-10 LEPC Unapproved Minutes

2020-2-19 LEPC Unapproved Minutes


Click this Link to access the folder containing the 2022 Tier II Reports


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