May 30, 2024


County Transportation Plan Maps

These maps are required as part of the Wheel Tax Ordinance and the Applications to the SD-DOT “BIG” Fund.

South Dakota Department of Transportation Bridge Improvement Grants / B.I.G.

County Wheel Tax as it Applies to Bridge Improvement Grants

Document Produced and Offered by the South Dakota Department of Transportation

Hand County’s Notice of Ordinance related to adoption of a wheel tax.

Hand County’s Proposed Ordinance establishing a wheel tax.

Posted at the Request of On Hand Development Corporation on October 22, 2020

Good Morning,

Sometime this morning, Governor Noem will be announcing that they are making some changes to the Small Business Grants which utilize Coronavirus Relief Fund dollars to assist small businesses and start-up businesses, and small non-profit businesses. The updates allow us to help even more businesses and include:

  • Increasing the maximum grant from $100,000 to $500,000
  • Decreasing the minimum threshold from $750 to $500
  • Broadening the eligibility requirement from reduction in business of more than 25% to a reduction in business of more than 15%

Additionally, the application deadline will be extended by one week, so the new deadline for applications will be October 30. They continue to hold daily office hours from 4:00 – 5:00 CDT to answer questions in real time (see for the meeting link,) or the help line and email will continue to be available at 605-937-7243 and [email protected].

As always, please reach out with questions or concerns. Here is the link to apply:

Kecia Beranek, Executive Director
On Hand Development Corporation
526 N. Broadway
Miller, SD  57362
605 853-3098