July 9, 2020


If you are a current employee of Hand County, you may find this information helpful during your time with us.  The forms here are for your benefit and serve a reference for you.  Should you find something in error or believe something is missing, please contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 605.853.2182.

South Dakota Retirement System 
222 East Capital Avenue, Suite 8, PO Box 1098,
Pierre, SD 57501

1-888-605-SDRS (toll-free)
605-773-3731 (local)
[email protected] (email)

[Available tonly to employee who work 20 hours or more per week and working for 6 months or more in a year.]


Revised forms available
The following forms have been updated as of May 2020. Important note: SDRS now requires a photocopy of the member’s valid driver’s license, state issued identification, or passport when submitting most SDRS forms. Authorized Agent signature/notary requirements have been removed from the E-2 and E-5 forms.
E-1 Application for SDRS Enrollment: http://sdrs.sd.gov/docs/E1.pdf
E-2 Notice of Enrollment Change: http://sdrs.sd.gov/docs/E2.pdf

SDRS does not allow address changes via phone, email, or website contacts. All members must complete an E-2 for address changes.

E-4 Election to Participate in SDRS by Elected Official: https://sdrs.sd.gov/docs/E4.pdf
E-5 Beneficiary Designation: http://sdrs.sd.gov/docs/E5.pdf

New Employee Forms to be completed and turned into the Auditor’s Office:

Emergency Management Institutes ICS courses transcript request form.

2018-2019 South Dakota Labor and Employment Laws (PDF)
2019 First Report Of Injury (SD EForm 1830 V2 / Form Fill PDF) & Medical Release Form
Weather Emergencies / Outdoor Warning Sirens (From Pennington County)
Sign up for South Dakota Amber Alerts
Sign up for South Dakota Missing / Blue Alerts
South Dakota Statewide Wage and Benefit Survey for 2019 (Compiled by NECOG)

Employee Benefits:
2019.06.06 – Companion Life Policy (Provided by the County to Employees)
2019.07.08 – Companion Life Policy (Provided to Full Time county employees)
2019-2020 Companion Life (Beneficiary Election Form) (Provided to Full Time county employees)

SDML-Work Comp & other Forms Website / Page
Health Insurance provided by Avera Health Plans, administered by Dice Financial services of Mitchell
Single Employee: $882.21 (County pays 100%)
Single Employee: $714.17 (County pays $882.21) $168.04 of which goes into employee HSA
Single Employee plus Family: $1,555.09 (County pays $882.21)
Hand County Payroll Deduction List for 2020

Payroll Links:
2020 Wage Scale for County Employees
South Dakota New Hire Reporting Page
South Dakota Retirement System—Authorized Agent Manual (90 pages, PDF)
Longevity Schedule

Separation from Employment with Hand County:
Uniform Resignation from Employment Form

Property Management:

How to file a claim with the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance (SDPPA), our coverage provider.