September 17, 2019


Employment Opportunities and Information for Employees can be found on the “EMPLOYMENT” page.

Election & Voter Information:

To check how you are currently registered and where you vote, click here.

Qualifications to vote are found on the Secretary of State’s Website by clicking:  Download Voter Registration Form



Voter Registration Form (Fillable PDF)

2019-2020 South Dakota Voter Registration File – Data Request Form

Municipal Election Handbook can be found by clicking here.

ES&S DS200 Ballot Tabulator (Will replace our current M100 units).

ES&S “Express Vote” touch-screen voting machine.  (Will replace our current Automark machines).


Looking for the commission agendas and minutes?  Click this URL to be taken to their page:


The Auditor is the county business manager.  The Auditor is responsible for commissioners proceedings, agendas and records, accounting records, revenue and expense reports, voter registration, and elections.

Businesses located outside of city limits apply for beer and liquor licenses with the Auditor.  The Auditor also figures real estate and mobile home taxes, and handles county bid lettings.  In many cases, the Auditor also manages medical indigent claims.

From the Department of Revenue’s Website:
County Auditors – The auditor is the watchdog of the county for property taxes. The auditor receives all tax requests from the various governing boards that can tax your property. They also ensure these entities can legally tax your property, and also ensures the amount they are levying is in compliance with all laws of the state. The auditor is the keeper of county records and acts as a bookkeeper for county business. Records may include documents, books, or minutes from county commission meetings. The auditor is responsible for scheduling county commission meetings, preparing the agenda, following up on commission decisions through letters and memoranda, and preparing the county budget.

Doug DeBoer – Auditor

Sandi Selting – Former Auditor
Carolyn Forman – Deputy Auditor
415 West 1st Avenue, Suite 202, Mailbox 7
Miller, SD  57362
(605) 853-2182
Fax:  (605) 853-2769
[email protected]