November 30, 2015

Local Emergency Planning Committee ~ L.E.P.C.

c/o: Hand County Emergency Management
Vacant – Director
415 West 1st Avenue, Suite 102
Miller, South Dakota 57362-1371
605-853-2408 (Sheriff’s Dispatch)
605-853-2362 (Sheriff’s Fax)
Community Alerts provided via
Attention: The SARA Tier II forms are due in January!  I have only received a half-dozen of these reports and there are more due.  Please submit your reports very soon!
State of South Dakota L.E.P.C. webpage:
Federal Statutes on “Community Right to Know”: EPCRA – LEPC Federal Statutes (downloads a PDF file).


2014 Officers:

Rodney Gortmaker – Chairman

Tom Lichty – Vice chairman

Nehemia Volquardsen – Secretary/Treasurer/Emergency Manager


(Messages of Importance)

    • The Mutual Aid Tower Site has been moved back to its original location as the interference was still present at the alternate site.  We are presently working on a way to mitigate the interference that is coming into the tower.




Model HazMat Plan  (Blank PDF file usable by LEPCs to create a county plan, added 08/09/11)

Hand County is on FACEBOOK.  Simply search for “Hand County” once you log in.

Local weather provided by the National Weather Service

Storm Reports provided by

Aviation weather provided by SuperAWOS.

Snowplow safety video. sd-DOT

Hand County Spill Database - This is the database for all spills reported to DENR.  Open the drop down menu for “County” and scroll down to “Hand” and click.  After that click “Submit” and this will show the spills reported in Hand County with a map that shows the reports from this year.

2013 Eastern South Dakota Commodity Flow Study

Agendas, Minutes and Announcements:

2013-08 LEPC Minutes

2013-06 LEPC Minutes

2013-04 LEPC Minutes

2013-02 LEPC Minutes

2015-10 LEPC Minutes



Hand Co Highway Dept TIER II FORMS


Harrell Brothers TIER II FORMS

SD Wheatgrowers St. Lawrence (TIER II)

Miller Terminal TIER II FORMS

City of Miller TIER II FORMS

North Central Farmers Elevator TIER II FORMS

Titan Wind Farms TIER II FORMS

Bob’s Gas TIER II Forms

Wheat Growers Agronomy Center TIER II Form