September 29, 2020


Welcome to the Hand County Township page, hosted by the Hand County Auditor’s Office.

On this page we hope you will find information useful for your townships.  If you are just visiting the page, we hope you find it interesting.

We are always open to new content, ideas or suggestions, so if you want, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.

Important changes from 2019 to 2020:

*** PT-73 Report detailing Township tax requests payable in 2020 *** (gives you the dollar amount from which to build).

  • The auditor’s office will no longer be providing the South Dakota Association of Towns and Townships “Township Laws” booklet.
    • If you want additional copies, please visit:
    • Contact Information:
      • South Dakota Association of Towns & Townships
        P.O. Box 903
        Huron, South Dakota 57350
        Email: [email protected]
        Phone: 605-353-1439
        Cell: 605-936-3883
  • We can not accept blank forms when you turn in your township reports.  Forms with missing data will result in misinformation during filing.
  • We can not edit your report forms, even with your township’s permission.
  • Levy requests must be filled out completely using numeric values were appropriate.
  • You may not submit levy forms which indicate that you want the “MAX”, numeric values must be presented.
  • CPI values have been published and the form is available for viewing or download below.

In the next area you will find reports of previous years officers, Legal Notices file or to be filed related to our townships and Township Forms.

In accordance with:   SDCL “8-5-14. Supervisor names and phone numbers to be posted on township website . A county official of any county that maintains an official website shall post thereon the name and phone number of each person serving on a board of township supervisors within the county.
Source: SL 2019, ch 52, § 1.”

Township Officers 2004-2005

Township Officers 2017-2018

Township Officers 2018

Township Officers 2018-2019

Township Officers 2019

Legal Notices for Townships

2019 Notice of Annual Meetings used to build 202 Notice for Publication

Township Forms for the Annual Meeting

Combined Levy Request / Notice to Auditor and Board Member Contact Sheet

Record of Disbursements in PDF form

Record of Disbursements in Excel are available by request via email or Download


Record of Receipts in PDF form

Record of Receipts in Excel are available by request via email or Download


Township Annual Report in PDF form

Township Annual Report in Excel, available by request via email or Download

Township Clerk and Township Treasurer combined OATH of office form in PDF

Township Clerk and Township Treasurer combined OATH of office in MS-Word.


Consumer Price Index Publication from the Department of Revenue for 2020 into 2021