July 23, 2018


*** JULY 7, 2018 ***

The Hand County Sheriff’s Office is seeking applicants for the position of deputy sheriff / investigator.  The position is full time with benefits.

A deputy sheriff is also a field investigator responding to calls for service, investigating traffic accidents, criminal complaints, suspicions of crime as well as providing security for the court, service of documents, debt collections and prisoner care.

The current starting wage for an un-certified deputy sheriff is $18.00 per hour or $19.00 if certified in the state of South Dakota.  Residency in Miller (or within five minutes) is required.

This position is open until August 15th, 2018.


2017 HCSO Deputy Position Announcement

2018 Deputy Sheriff Wage Scale-r2 (added 10.04.17)

2017 HCSO Deputy Job Description

2017 Blank Application – Deputy Sheriffs

Applicants will also be asked to complete the The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™) program.

Additional information can be found at:  http://dlr.sd.gov/workforce_services/ncrc/default.aspx

Please note:  The number one error made by applicants is neglecting to download and read all of these documents.  Many applicants arrive with their applications missing required data or they show up for an interview without having read the documents above.  Generally, an interview lasts two to three hours.  It is suggested that do research on the county and the communities within it prior to submitting an application.  Additionally, uncertified applicants will be subject to a contract to recover the costs of certification.