August 19, 2018


August 8, ,2018

Hand County will soon be accepting applications for an interim sheriff. This interim sheriff will be appointed by the county commissioners to take office in January of 2019. The election of the next sheriff will take place in 2020 at which time the sheriff will serve a two year term and then run for election in 2022 to serve a full four year term.

The statutory minimum salary for a county of our size is $41,256 (SDCL 7-12-15). The final salary is set the county commission. The position will include full time benefits which are: Paid health insurance (with a small life insurance policy included) for the employee, optional health for family, vision and dental. Hand County participates in the South Dakota Retirement System and because this is a Class B (law enforcement) position, the employee contributes 8% of earnings which is matched by the employer.

Preference will be given to applicants who hold current valid law enforcement officer certification in South Dakota and who have five years of supervisory / administrative law enforcement experience, preferably in a sheriff’s office.

The office is authorized to have two full time deputies. Currently, one position is filled while one is vacant. There is also authorized one full time civilian / office manager position and one evening / part-time clerk / dispatcher position.

Based on a 14 year average, the office responds to an average of 1259 calls for service a year. Of that number, there are 495 case reports, 243 service of court documents, 112 gun permits, 89 non-injury accidents, 9 injury accidents, and 1 fatal accident per year. The office issues an average of 124 traffic tickets, and 95 warning tickets.

The office collects on an average of 32 executions per year and 3 distress warrants per year.

We typically have 2 unattended deaths per year.

The county averages 17 prisoners per year for an average of 350 prisoner days in custody. We average 1 juvenile in detention per year. There is no detention of prisoners in county, all prisoners are housed in other facilities by contract.

The duties of the sheriff include but are not limited to those set in statute and administrative rule. Please visit the link below for a sample of the sheriff’s duties.…/Codified_Laws/TextSearch.aspx…

In addition to the statutory requirements, the sheriff is also a department head / administrator for the office, establishing policy, running the fiscal affairs of the sheriff and jail (inmate care) budgets, the sheriff’s trust account, general operations of a 24 hour business operating with office hours between 8a and 6p. The sheriff is responsible for all operations in the office so knowledge of all employee jobs and job descriptions is required.

The sheriff also works with other department heads in the general operation of the county and participates in other functions unrelated to law enforcement and sheriff specific business as needed by the commission, the department heads and the constituents.

The sheriff works varied hours but generally works during courthouse hours and as needed during evenings, weekends and holidays (which is frequent in this small agency) and during staff shortages. A typical work week is between 50 and 60 hours.

State minimum requirements are as follows:

23-3-42. Qualifications prescribed for law enforcement officers. In addition to the requirements of § 23-3-41, the commission, by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, shall fix other qualifications for the employment and training of appointed law enforcement officers, including minimum age, education, physical and mental standards, citizenship, good moral character, experience, and such other matters as relate to the competence and reliability of persons to assume and discharge the various responsibilities of law enforcement officers. The commission shall also prescribe the means for presenting evidence of fulfillment of these requirements. Notwithstanding §§ 23A-27-14 and 23A-27-17, any person seeking certification as a law enforcement officer who has received an order pursuant to § 23A-27-13 may have his or her application refused. Notwithstanding §§ 26-7A-105 and 26-7A-106, any person seeking certification as a law enforcement officer who has received an adjudication or disposition pursuant to chapter 26-7A or 26-8C may have his or her application refused if the adjudication or disposition was for a crime which, if committed by an adult, would constitute a crime under chapter 22-42 that is punishable as a felony, a sex crime as defined in § 22-24B-1, or a crime of violence as defined in subdivision 22-1-2(9).

Source: SL 1970, ch 145, § 5 (c); SL 1992, ch 169, § 3; SL 2004, ch 159, § 1.


2:01:02:01. Minimum standards for employment. A person may be employed or certified as a law enforcement officer only if the person meets the following requirements:

(1) Is a citizen of the United States;

(2) Is at least 21 years of age at time of appointment;
(3) Has fingerprints taken by a qualified law enforcement officer;
(4) Is of good moral character;
(5) Is a graduate of an accredited high school or has a high school equivalency certificate acceptable to the commission;
(6) Is examined by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner who certifies, on forms prescribed by the commission, that the applicant is able to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer;
(7) Is interviewed in person by the hiring agency or its designated representative before employment. The interview must include questions to determine the applicant’s general suitability for law enforcement service, appearance, personality, temperament, ability to communicate, and other characteristics reasonably necessary to the performance of the duties of a law enforcement officer;
(8) Takes the oath of office as required by SDCL 9-14-7 or 3-1-5. The oath may be taken before the nearest available judge of a court of record;
(9) Has not unlawfully used any prescribed drug, controlled substance, or marijuana within one year before the time of application for certification;
(10) Is eligible to reapply for certification, if the person has for any reason failed to successfully complete the basic law enforcement training program;
(11) Has not had his certification revoked, voluntarily surrendered certification, had an application for certification refused, or been dismissed from the basic training program, unless the commission upon application declares the person eligible for employment or certification; and
(12) Has not become ineligible for employment or certification as a law enforcement officer, as a result of any proceedings involving any revocation, suspension, surrender of, or resignation or dismissal from certification, employment, or training, unless the commission, upon application, declares the person eligible for employment or certification in South Dakota.

Source: SL 1975, ch 16, § 1; 2 SDR 37, effective November 20, 1975; 8 SDR 82, effective January 13, 1982; 11 SDR 135, effective April 14, 1985; 12 SDR 1, effective July 17, 1985; 14 SDR 81, effective December 6, 1987; 25 SDR 34, effective September 16, 1998; 28 SDR 150, effective May 2, 2002; 32 SDR 225, effective June 26, 2006; 42 SDR 19, effective August 13, 2015.

General Authority: SDCL 23-3-35(2).

Law Implemented: SDCL 23-3-35(2), 23-3-42.

Please watch the Miller Press for a formal announcement and for information on how to apply. All applications will be required in writing as well as a personal interview.

*** JULY 7, 2018 ***

The Hand County Sheriff’s Office is seeking applicants for the position of deputy sheriff / investigator.  The position is full time with benefits.

A deputy sheriff is also a field investigator responding to calls for service, investigating traffic accidents, criminal complaints, suspicions of crime as well as providing security for the court, service of documents, debt collections and prisoner care.

The current starting wage for an un-certified deputy sheriff is $18.00 per hour or $19.00 if certified in the state of South Dakota.  Residency in Miller (or within five minutes) is required.

This position is open until August 15th, 2018.


2017 HCSO Deputy Position Announcement

2018 Deputy Sheriff Wage Scale-r2 (added 10.04.17)

2017 HCSO Deputy Job Description

2017 Blank Application – Deputy Sheriffs

Applicants will also be asked to complete the The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™) program.

Additional information can be found at:

Please note:  The number one error made by applicants is neglecting to download and read all of these documents.  Many applicants arrive with their applications missing required data or they show up for an interview without having read the documents above.  Generally, an interview lasts two to three hours.  It is suggested that do research on the county and the communities within it prior to submitting an application.  Additionally, uncertified applicants will be subject to a contract to recover the costs of certification.