January 20, 2019



This position is currently undergoing interviews.  The material is being left on this webpage in case a suitable applicant is not found during this round of applicants.

Applications were due by November 14th.




August 22, 2018:  People who are interested in applying for the interim sheriff’s position should download and  read this letter before proceeding any further. 2018 – Letter to Sheriff Applicants.

Those who which to start the application process should download and complete this application form. 2018 Blank Application – Interim Sheriff.

Those who apply should review the deputy sheriff job description as it provides a good reference for common duties in the sheriff’s office.  It is found here: 2018 Deputy Job Description

In addition to the application, an applicant may also send (in additions, not replacement of) a resume.  The applicant must send the following items with the application package:

  • Color image of the applicant’s driver license.
  • Transcript of training for law enforcement training.
    • Also a photocopy of the law enforcement officer certificate.
  • Transcripts of any post-secondary education.
    • Also a photocopy of your high school diploma, GED and / or college diplomas
  • Photocopies of certificates you earned which do not appear on your LET transcript.


*** Interviews for the position have started effective October 5, 2018.  I have been informed that the commission wants to decide by December 1, 2018 so applicants should be submitted at least by November 14, 2018 so that initial back ground checks can be made. *****

The Deputy Sheriff positions have both been filled.  No applications will be accepted at this time. 10.04.18-ddb